Credit Card Gateway

Secure Payment Page

A.S. Technologies processing payment page is the most common way of accepting payments. Most sellers prefer not to secure their website using SSL, deal with any data security to their server or time consuming application for dedicated merchant account.
A.S. Technologies processing payment page, is a secured form that launches above the sellers website enabling acceptance of credit-card information or bank e-check information from the buyer. The form will explain the buyer that A.S. Technologies Processing™ is authorized to accept payment for the seller, show the seller (merchant) information registered with A.S. Technologies Processing™ system and enables the buyer to make payment towards the sellers account.

Virtual Terminal

A.S. Technologies processing virtual point of sell is a web-based application that enables credit card orders to be authorized by any operator with access to the Internet. This type of solution allows you to accept credit cards over the phone, by fax, or through the mail and obtain authorization in real time over the internet .
A.S. Technologies processing virtual point of sell allow businesses to process credit card transactions while the customer is "on the phone". This type of solution provides instant feedback regarding the status of a customer's credit card, and dramatically improves customer service.

With our virtual point of sell you can:
• Manually enter credit card transactions for mail or phone purchasing orders
• Perform a refund to an existing transaction
• Block a credit card
• Bill customers for recurring transactions
• Check the status of previous transactions and down load them to your desk top as an excel file.

With our virtual point of sell security features you can:
• Perform card validation Digit- the 3-4 digits on the back of the credit card
• Ensure that the customer making the purchase is actually in possession of their credit cards
• Perform Address verification service (AVS), to check cardholders billing address with the card issuer
• Reduce fraud
• Decrease chargeback’s

Remote Transactions

A.S. Technologies processing provides a form of payment API to web sites operators wishing to accept credit card payments via their web sites. The full payment process is done in the seller web site using A.S. Technologies processing platform as a gateway to transmit the request to the acquiring bank. Our API provides different options of integration such as get or post request to our server. The seller is required to use SSL protocol to protect the security of his clients credit card information.

E-Wallet Benefits

A.S. Technologies processing E-Wallet is a pure management of a virtual bank account without the need of a bank or any other trusted third party involved in the financial transaction Payment world.
A.S. Technologies processing E-Wallet uses a secured socket form of an online electronic communication connection (a form of secured "get" & "post" method to communicate the payer, the payee and website). This form of money transfer payments is mostly used by merchants (sellers) that wish to accept payments from users. Consumers use their e-wallet account to make payments transfers online, manage amounts of electronic cash, get reports on their online expenses and follow their remaining balance in their e-wallet account.
A.S. Technologies processing E-Wallet is an encrypted storage of credit card information that saves consumers to re-enter their credit card data manually each time they make a payment. Once they register and fund their e-wallet Account, they simply enter that information in the banking portion of your website. They can even transfer funds directly from their checking account to your website-even if they don't hold an Account balance

Batch processing

Our web site can submit their credit card payment requests by sending a CSV file with a list of credit cards to be debited. Our system will process their transactions and present the results in the merchant back office.