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A.S. Technologies Processing

A.S. Technologies Processing provides an innovative, secure, and user friendly payment processing platform that can be easily integrated into any business environment.

Our web based management system allows e-commerce businesses to monitor their transactions in real time. Fraud protection, risk management and billing applications are a few of the other standard features that will allow you to monitor and manage your business more efficiently.

We offer several different ways for merchants to accept payments from their clients:
• Credit card processing (Visa, MasterCard, Diners-Club, American Express, Discover)
• Debit card processing
• e-checking
• Cellular debit (Invoice directly to a clients cell phone bill)
• MoneyGram™
• e-wallet

Among our variety of products offered we provide various payment gateways for receiving payments. Manual transactions pop up window debit, remote transactions and payment by email are a few ways we can customize our payment platform to suit your specific needs.

Our payout solution securely transfers unlimited amounts of funds to almost any point on the globe. Optimizing cash management while reducing costs is the focus of our processing platform. By integrating fraud prevention / detection into our system we have been able to eliminate problems typically encountered using traditional wire payment methods.

A.S. Technologies focuses on securing the e-commerce environment by implementing fraud protection services while minimizing losses in sales. We’ve complimented our processing platform with a robust reporting engine and competitive processing rates. By utilizing multiple banks and continuously seeking new partnerships we ensure that your transactions will be processed in a timely manner, regardless of any setbacks. With ten years of experience providing processing solutions across the globe, trust A.S. Technologies to process your transactions swiftly and securely.

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